Legacy Aviation is exploring opportunities at Northeast Philadelphia Airport to create a premium fixed base operation offering customer service to both corporate and general aviation customers.

Legacy Aviation Services include aircraft services, passenger services, and flight crew services. Services such as aircraft refueling, de-icing, maintenance, flight crew planning, passenger transportation, hotel accommodations, and catering are all an essential part of the Legacy Aviation’s Fixed Based Operation.

Though our objective is to help the city of Philadelphia by providing the safest and most efficient form of air transportation, our ultimate goal is to create a passenger terminal complete with a restaurant in order to maximize productivity. To accomplish this task and obtain permission from city, state, and federal government, at least one or two FAR Part 121 Airline agreements would have to be in place. This expansion would create many jobs, increase competition, reduce congestion and increase revenue for the surrounding business community.

Convenience On the Ground

Control Tower: We have a fully operational control tower which operates from 6:00am – 11:00pm. Controllers have the job of giving pilots taxiing and take off instructions, air traffic clearance, and advice based on their own observations and experience. They provide separation between landing and departing aircraft, transfer control of aircraft to the en-route center controllers when the aircraft leave their airspace, and receive control of aircraft on flights coming into their airspace.

A lighted Wind Indicator and Beacon Light: white/green located on grounds as well.

Runways: No airport would be complete with runways right? Conveniently we have 2.

Runway 6 / Runway 24
Runway 15 / Runway 33
Dimensions 7,000 ft. x 150 ft. 5,000 ft. x 150 ft.
Wheel Bearing Capacity Single 60.0 40.0
Wheel Bearing Capacity Double 90.0 55.0
Intensity Lighting High Medium
Touchdown Point Yes Yes
Runway End Identifier Yes Yes


Fuel: Legacy Aviation holds an account directly with Atlantic Aviation whom we utilize for all fueling needs. Atlantic’s office is located a few feet from our office and is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Convenience Abroad

If your aircraft is in for servicing and you plan on waiting or if you just want to relax awhile, we offer a comfortable lounge area with reading materials, Wi-Fi, and vending machines.

Hotel Accommodations: If you are planning on staying in our City of Brotherly Love, we are happy to contact any local hotel of your choice to set up reservations.

Car Accommodations: If you are in need of a rental car Atlantic Aviation has partnered with Hertz in order to have multiple vehicles available, right on site.

If you find a rental car may be too much of a commitment, especially for a short-term stay, on demand rideshare services are available such as Uber and Lyft. If you are a first time rider we can actually save you money by using promotional codes.