Referral Program

Know someone interested in learning how to fly? You can be rewarded through our referral program!

Once enrolled into a course your friend can complete a Referral Form documenting you as the person who referred them to us. Once they have completed their first solo you will receive up to a $500 credit toward your Legacy Aviation account. Credit can be used for any product or service we provide including aircraft rentals and piloting supplies.


  • Only new students to Legacy Aviation can be referred
  • Anyone who holds an account with Legacy Aviation can refer a student under this program and receive credit
  • Credit will only be applied once the first solo flight has been completed
  • Referral fees may be prorated for new students who have completed previous training elsewhere
  • The referral form must be completed at enrollment to qualify
  • Referral fees will only be paid as credit. Credit cannot be exchanged for cash.


  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating

Legacy Aviation reserves the right to terminate or revise this program at any time without notice.