As the safety of flight is our primary objective, our safety related goals are similar to that of every FAR Part 121 Airline and Part 135 Corporate Flight Department.

Legacy Aviation will strive to maintain a zero accident rate, zero incident rate, and a zero fatality rate. Our strategy to enhance safety is ensured by requiring all trainees to have an airworthy aircraft, a licensed proficient instructor pilot, and an extensive weather briefing prior to starting any engine, whether for flight or for taxiing.

In the history of aviation pilot error has been the number one cause of accidents. As a result, Legacy Aviation takes a proactive approach in the prevention of accidents. Through the implementation of a Cockpit Resource Management Program (CRM), Legacy Aviation will make every effort to raise awareness in the following areas: Pilot Proficiency, Runway Targets for Takeoff & Landing, Pilot Limitations vs. Aircraft Limitations, Decision-Making, Communication, and Situational Awareness. Throughout the CRM Program, accident and incident case studies will be highlighted and discussed, to increase awareness and enhance the performance each individual pilot.

The vision of Legacy Aviation is to provide the highest quality of professional pilot training to the customers we serve. By maintaining a regulatory compliant environment in both flight operations and in our maintenance department, we are able to maintain transparency with the Federal Aviation Administration. Maintaining regulatory compliance along with a highly experienced team of standardized instructors, Legacy Aviation can train all students to become professional pilots and captains on Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Airline Transport levels. A Captain’s priority is to always keep a responsible mindset; likewise, it is our goal to train every pilot to think and fly in the same manner.

By exposing our students to a wide variety of real life scenarios, our trainees have the potential to develop excellent judgment and decision-making skills. This goes hand in hand with all the primary attributes of a well-trained captain.