What are the benefits of flying charter?

One of the greatest advantages to flying charter is the ability to travel on your own schedule in the privacy of your own aircraft with access to thousands of airports. Charter eliminates long airport lines therefore maximizing efficiency when time is of the essence.

The ability to make multiple stops is another benefit of private charter. Busy executives can reach three and even four cities in just one day. In most cases even arriving back home in time for dinner. This feat would be impossible to accomplish by using commercial airlines.

Hard to reach destinations, not so hard to reach. Commercial airlines use around 1,500 airports across the country while private aircraft have access to almost 5,000 airports. Perks like these allow Legacy Aviation to place you within the closest proximity of your destination.

Flying charter allows you to enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own aircraft cabin with only those whom you have invited to travel with you. All information about passengers, schedules, and destinations are kept strictly confidential.

Utmost in convenience. When you fly private with Legacy Aviation, your schedule is our schedule. We depart when you need to depart and fly directly to your designated destination.

How does On Demand Charter work?

With On Demand Charter you pay for your flight only when you need it. There are no membership costs, large upfront deposits, or penalties for flying on “peak days”. With Legacy Aviation you will have a personal Charter Coordinator who will assist you in finding the aircraft best suited for you, your guests, and your trip.

Do you charter internationally?

Yes. Legacy Aviation conducts international flights most commonly to the Caribbean Islands as well as Canada. We are thoroughly familiar with the rules, regulations, and planning involved. Our extensive experience makes us a smart choice for your next international trip.

Is there a charge for extra passengers?

The cost of your charter flight is not dependent on the number of passengers in your party. You are allowed to bring as many passengers as there are designated seats with seatbelts. There is however a government imposed Segment Fee of $3.90 per passenger, per leg.

Am I prohibited from bringing certain items on-board?

Yes. The TSA has issued guidelines on prohibited items. Click here to be directed to a complete list.

How early do I need to arrive for my flight?

Generally arriving 10-15 minutes early is ideal, but the actual departure time is entirely up to you.

How many bags/skis/golf clubs are permitted?

The answer depends on the baggage capacity of the aircraft as well as the number of passengers flying. This can be discussed with your Charter Coordinator when you book your flight.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes. Legacy Aviation warmly welcomes their customers to bring their pets along. However, we do ask that small dogs/cats be crated. If required there may be an additional Pet Cleaning fee.