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Legacy Aviation Flight School merges a group of pilots, flight instructors, and a diverse fleet of aircraft together to create an engaging environment where flight training and recreational flying take place. We take tremendous pride in our long-standing reputation for quality, safety, and service. Whether your goal is to fly for pleasure or are looking for a career, we have the aircraft and instructors to match your aspirations.

Licensed pilots and students alike can enjoy access to all types of aircraft and instruction. We offer everything from sport pilot training to private pilot training, tail wheel transition training to twin engine ratings, basic spin and aerobatic training to cross-country, and even instrument and mountain flying instructions.

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Our Programs

No matter what your goals are, Legacy Aviation has the expertise and equipment to get you there. Learn more about our programs.
Airline Cadet Program

Airline sponsored career track with tuition reimbursement. It’s the fastest flow to American Airlines.

Veterans Flight Training

Legacy Aviation is proud to provide services to the many men and women who have served in our armed forces.

International Students

We are proud to be an established school, which is SEVP (Study in the States) certified.

Accredited College Courses

Partnering with community colleges to provide a Professional Piloting Program

Our Flight School Courses

We offer everything from sport pilot training, to private pilot training, to tail wheel transition training, to twin engine ratings, basic spin and aerobatic training, to cross-country, instrument and mountain flying instruction.

“If flight school is something you’ve been thinking about, I can say without reservation consider Legacy Aviation. They have a full range of options at competitive pricing, a competent and friendly staff and a full fleet of airplanes ready to go.”

Patrick Jones
Private Pilot

“The CFI training I’m receiving at Legacy Aviation has been better than anything I could have expected. My instructor, Joseph Montone has gone out of his way to give me all the knowledge he has attained over the decades of flying.”

Mark Robinson
Certified Flight Instructor Student

“Thanks for keeping me in the loop during the progression of Legacy and its opening! I look forward to being a part of its prosperous future! It was also wonderful to fly 11M again; so nice to have greased the landings! Great feeling to be back.”

Norm Ruetsch

Why Train with Legacy Aviation?

Legacy Aviation provides flight training under both sets of FAA training regulations, FAR part 141 and FAR part 61. Legacy Aviation will train pilots from the United States and from countries throughout the world. Why train with Legacy Aviation? Well, we offer an experienced team of professional instructor pilots, a growing fleet of high wing and low wing aircraft, and we are positioned on a terrific airport that has a 7000 foot instrument runway, a 5000 runway, and an operating control tower. From a training standpoint you couldn’t ask for a safer and more professional environment. In addition, we are located in the northeast corridor between Philadelphia and Trenton, which forces us to become very familiar with class B, C, and D airspace. In becoming familiar with the airspace that they are flying into, our students are immediately taught to respect the airspace, and to avoid any potential violations.

On a weekly basis hundreds of corporate jets and turboprops are transiting the traffic pattern. Our students are taught to work in unison with these aircraft, helping to create a much safer traffic pattern. Exposing students to normal everyday commercial aircraft traffic is great experience. From the beginning, our students are trained to work professionally with air traffic control during pre-taxi, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, approach, landing, and the missed approach phases of flight. During each and every flight, our students are developing habit patterns for excellent communication skills. They are taught to work with Ground Control, Tower Control, Approach Control, Departure Control, Clearance Delivery, and to secure a current weather briefing from the ATIS before every takeoff and every landing. This is very valuable experience and essential for every professional pilot.

A third reason that you might consider training at Legacy Aviation rather than a flight school in Florida or Arizona, is that while you are doing your training you will be exposed to the four seasons of the year rather than just the warm climate. This real time experience is priceless. As cold weather operations and hot weather operations are very different, training during the four seasons of the year will help a student to prepare for the real world. To experience first-hand a frost on an aircraft, a taxiway with patchy snow or ice, or a cold engine on a morning when the outside air temperature is 20 degrees  Fahrenheit, this is high quality practical education. As all aircraft have a hot and cold weather section that relate to the performance of an aircraft, the immediate benefit to training with Legacy Aviation is that we offer a student a more realistic training environment.

Our Instructors

Legacy Aviation has top notch, professional flight instructors to help you get your flight training. Come meet your flight instructor today.
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