Airline Transport Pilot

An Airline Transport Pilot certificate is the highest-level certificate that a pilot can achieve. ATPs are authorized to act as pilot-in-command of a scheduled air carrier’s aircraft.

To obtain an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate or ATP, a pilot must be 23 years old, and have logged a total time of 1500 flight hours. The ATP is required for a pilot to become a captain on any corporate jet or commercial airliner. The Airline Transport Pilot Standard is the standard that all captains strive to maintain. Once you have obtained your ATP, it is safe to say that a pilot is much more marketable, and will receive more employment offers as a pilot. The instructor pilot will determine if the student is ready for the flight test or if he needs additional time to meet the ATP Standards.

The minimum total estimated cost of training

Piper Seneca II PA-34-200T

$6,259100% prepayment (saving 10%)
  • 10 Hours Aircraft Rental
  • 10 Hours Flight Instruction
  • 5 Hours Ground Instruction
  • Knowledge Test
  • Checkride
  • Pay as you go cost: $6,955.00
Financing Available