Can I take an introductory flight prior to enrolling in a course?

More than likely you have often considered learning how to fly for quite some time. If you have never been in a small aircraft you are more than welcome to take a familiarization flight; however, for most people, this is not necessary. A familiarization flight is always fun but you must be enrolled in our school to start learning how to fly in order to start logging hours towards your pilot’s certificate.

What is the enrollment process?

Students must first schedule their one-on-one consultation prior to beginning the enrollment process (International and out-of-state students can accomplish this step by telephone). A School Training Director will thoroughly go over each training program in detail to ensure you are fully only knowledgeable and certain you are choosing the best course/courses to meet all of your aviation goals. The Director will even give you a tour of our facilities, including our aircraft, to show you all the aspects that make Legacy Aviation an exceptional flight training center. During enrollment, all students are required to make a tuition deposit and in turn will receive all books and materials relating to the course they have chosen. All consultations must be scheduled during normal business hours:

How much does it cost?

Flight training costs differ between students. Regardless of where you choose to train, students should expect to spend approximately $8,000-$12,000 for a well-rounded FAA approved private pilot training program. If you want to become a career pilot, you can expect to spend between $35,000-$45,000.

How long will it take to obtain a pilot’s certificate?

Most people attain their private pilot’s certificate within 60-65 hours of flight time which includes time spent with a flight instructor (dual) and time spent flying alone (solo). How long it takes to complete each course it entirely up to the student. Legacy Aviation offers one-on-one instruction so you are able to schedule classes and flights at your convenience and availability. Usually putting in three to four hours of flight time per week is a favorable learning rate and should average out to be a six-month program for a private pilot applicant. Full-time students should be able to complete the same program in 8-10 weeks and/or the professional program (private, instrument, commercial and multi-engine) in 6-8 months. Note each individual course has hourly requirements, set by the FAA, in order to qualify for certifications.

When are classes starting?

At Legacy Aviation you will attend classes as determined by your personal schedule. All training sessions are conducted one-on-one with your instructor (whether ground or flight training) and can be scheduled to begin once you are enrolled in a specific course. Depending on whether you are a full or part-time student, you will be expected to attend a certain number of sessions per week. Between classes, students will be required to complete a variety of self-study and Computer Based Training (CBT) lessons as well.

When can I take my lessons?

Legacy Aviation offers flight training seven days a week. Since course scheduling is personalized to your schedule, classes may include early morning, daytime, and even late evening hours. Legacy Aviation’s office dispatch hours are Monday-Sunday between the hours of 8:00am-8:00pm.

Can I continue my courses through the winter months?

It is a misconception that flight training is a seasonal endeavor. In fact, it is essential for pilots to experience not only flying in all seasons but also in varying weather conditions. Training in winter offers even more opportunities to obtain those real weather experiences. We strongly believe flight training can and should be conducted year round including evening hours.

What if I own my own aircraft?

Pilots are more than welcome to conduct their training in their personal aircraft. Since we are fully insured for these operations, Legacy Aviation can accommodate aircraft owners with their training requirements.