Legacy Aviation Flying Club

Welcome to Legacy Aviation Flying Club

Where flying won’t leave you with mothballs in your wallet

We at Legacy Aviation fully understand the art of flying is not and will never be a cheap skill or sport. Even at the most budget friendly level, the cost of airplane ownership between insurance, fuel, hangar/tie down fees, and yes, even maintenance, can leave Pilots second guessing their decision to purchase in the first place.

The reality is aircraft ownership is not cost-effective or practical for everyone. However, flying definitely can be.

What better way to spread our dedication to flight, then to offer budget friendly options to those who share the same passion? Becoming a member would allow individuals who have been stifled by flying expenditures in the past, the opportunity to finally spread their wings.

Membership Fees:

  • Initial: $1950 investment (refundable club membership fee)
  • Yearly: $250 membership renewal fee (non-refundable)
  • Monthly: $95 (which is applied to 1st flight)

Membership Includes:

  • Multiple Airplane Availability: 4 Warriors, 2 Archers, Arrow, 2 Cessna, 2 Tigers, Seneca, Navajo, and a full motion SIM
  • Discounted Rental Costs: Members receive 15% off all airplane rentals. Veterans and Senior Citizens receive an additional 5% discount.
  • Pre-fueled Aircrafts: Rentals include fuel (wet) and hours are calculated as Hobbs time.
  • Discounted Fuel Costs: Always available. We can even fuel the aircraft for you upon return with no charge.
  • Discounted Piloting Supplies
  • Online Booking Convenience: An ideal planning tool for Pilots to view the schedule for each airplane available for rent. Our friendly scheduling web-based software MYFBO can be accessed from a computer or iPhone/Android.
  • Ample and Secure Parking/Non-Congested Location
  • 24-hour Security On-Site, Roving
  • Monthly Club Meetings/Yearly Events
  • A Complimentary Legacy Aviation T-Shirt

Coming soon…

  • Legacy Aviation Gear: Members will receive 15% off hats, hoodies, vanity plates, lanyards etc.
  • Legacy Aviation Restaurant: Members will receive 10% off all drink and food.