What is a flying club?

A flying club is a pilot-run organization that aims to make flying affordable. Where aircraft ownership for some individuals may be too high out of the budget, flying clubs enable Pilots to still enjoy the sport and art of flying without the financial responsibility of maintenance, fuel, insurance etc.

What are the benefits of joining a flying club?

The reality is aircraft ownership is neither cost-effective or practical for everyone. We at Legacy Aviation believe your dreams, goals, and passions for flight should not be hindered due to the costs of owning an aircraft. Member benefits include, but are not limited to, low monthly dues, access to multiple aircraft with discounted rental costs, and the opportunity to make friends and socialize with other members.

Is there a limit to how many members can join?

Currently, there is a 50-member limit in place.

Do I need to be a pilot to join? What are the requirements?

We do require members to be Certified Pilots, however, we also welcome student pilots who are currently enrolled and undergoing flight training at our flight school. Current pilots must provide their most recent and updated credentials such as their pilot’s license and medical insurance.

What is the initial investment?

The initial investment a refundable $1950 deposit. After one year members are required to pay a $250 renewal fee on their membership renewal date.

Are there monthly dues?

Monthly dues are $95, payable on the 1st of each month, and are applied to the cost of the members first flight.

What does this and my initial investment go toward?

Because Legacy Aviation Flying Club is a pilot-run organization, all initial investments along with the full amount of all yearly dues are applied strictly towards the constant maintenance, upgrades, and fuel for each individual aircraft available to rent.

How long can I be a member?

However long you like. Memberships run in a full-year cycle (12 months).

What if I choose to no longer be a member?

We encourage all members to finish out their yearly memberships, regardless of what year they are in. If for some reason you chose to leave during your 1st year of membership, you are able to receive a full refund of your initial investment ($1950). 2nd-year members who choose to end their memberships at least halfway through the year will receive a percentage of their yearly initial investment prorated to a 20-year amortization schedule.


  • 2nd year member receives 95% of initial investment = $1,875
  • 3rd year member receives 90% of initial investment = $1,800
  • 4th year member receives 85% of initial investment = $1,725
  • 5th year member receives 80% of initial investment = $1,650

What aircraft are available?

We currently have an average of 12 available aircraft for rent. Included in our fleet are Warrior, Archer, Arrow, Cessna, Tiger, Seneca, and Navajo. We also have a full motion Flight Simulator (SIM) available as well.

How much does it cost to rent? How much can I save?

Rental charges are based upon each individual aircraft. Members receive 15% off all airplane rentals. Veterans and Senior Citizens receive a 20% discount. Rentals include fuel (wet) and hours are calculated as Hobbs time. For your convenience discounted fuel costs are available and aircraft can be fueled upon return with no charge.

To view current rental rates, please visit our aircraft rental page.

Are there minimum/maximum rental hours/days?

While your minimum rental should be no shorter than a 2-hour block, there is no maximum amount of time. Members can rent an aircraft for as long as they like. If aircraft are being kept overnight, we require they be flown for a minimum of two hours per day.

Example: 2 hours per day or 12 hours per week. Hours can be spaced out throughout the week/weeks if rental is being kept for longer.

How are reservations made?

Members receive preferred scheduling per available aircraft. Reservations can be made in person, on the phone, or online.