Piper Warrior PA28-161

Welcome to the Piper Warrior

Most structures are of aluminum alloy. The airplane is a four-place, low wing, single engine airplane equipped with retractable tricycle landing gear, having a steerable nose wheel and two main wheels.

This airplane is certified in the normal category. In the normal category all aerobatic maneuvers including spins are prohibited. The airplane is approved for day and night VFR/IFR operations when equipped in accordance with F.A.R. 91 or F.A.R 135.

The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming IO-360-C1C6 and is rated at 200 horsepower. It is a four cylinder, direct drive, horizontally opposed, fuel injected engine. Major accessories include a starter, a 60-amp 14-volt alternator, shielded ignition, vacuum pump drive, fuel pump, propeller governor and a dry automotive type induction air filter.

Fuel is stored in two 38.5 gallon tanks, one in each wing. Each tank is equipped with a filler neck indicator tab to aid in determining fuel remaining when the tanks are not full. The tanks are attached to the leading edge of the wing with screws and are an integral part of the wing structure. An electric fuel pump serves as a back-up feature. Fuel quantity and pressure are indicated on gauges located in the engine gauge cluster on the instrument panel.

The primary electrical power source is a 14-volt, 60-amp alternator, which is protected by an alternator control unit that incorporates a voltage regulator and an overvoltage relay. Secondary power is provided by a 12-volt, 35-ampere hour battery.

Four available: N2932X, N3060Y, N3487Q, N9752C

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Maximum speed 176 mph
Cruise speed 140 mph
Range 565 mi
Service ceiling 13000 ft
Rate of climb 710 ft/min