Huge Thank You to Joseph Montone, who asked me what my inspiration was for taking this class. Otherwise, I would have never given a thought of why I really wanted to do this. Every moment at Legacy Aviation was a remarkable example of how the adventure should be like. Loved my experience of flying the plane for the first time. Great instructor with a sense of how to teach a newbie and answer all the questions.

Tarika Chawla

Learning how to fly has been a long time goal of mine that I am finally working towards achieving thanks to Legacy Aviation. Although I had been interested in flight training for many years, without having any confidence in when and where to get started in the Philadelphia area, I was doing little to advance this goal. Last year, I asked a pilot friend of mine for help finding the right place to train in Philadelphia and that eventually resulted in me taking an introductory flight at Legacy Aviation. During the intro flight, we took off in one of the Warriors, flew out to the practice area, did some practice maneuvers and then returned for a landing. Afterwards the instructor spent time with me discussing the school, fleet, airport, curriculum, scheduling, expected cost and more. Most importantly the intro flight gave me the confidence I needed to get started.

I’m now training with Captain Joe Montone and am thrilled to say that I’m getting close to reaching my goal of becoming a pilot. While Joe has a wealth of aviation experience, it is his natural teaching ability that makes him really stand out as an instructor. Always relaxed and positive, Joe has helped me diligently work through some of those tougher flight training days like, for example, the days when I started learning crosswind landings. He keeps the training fun and often adds something unexpected, like a simulated engine out, that keeps me thinking and prepared. Joe also never lets safety off the top of my mind, as he constantly asks what alternatives would be available if something unexpected happened.

Aside from the excellent flight instruction, I’m happy to be training at Legacy for a number of other reasons as well. First, Legacy’s fleet of Piper Warriors make great trainer airplanes since they are well maintained and relatively easy to fly. Second, KPNE is a tower controlled airport situated near the busy KPHL Class B airspace. This has enabled me to develop confidence working with the KPNE tower and Class B controllers. KPNE’s large runways also gave me plenty of room when I was working on staying on the center line on the more gusty days or when I was fine tuning my landing flare. Third, Legacy’s flexible scheduling has allowed me to fit flight training into my busy schedule with weeknight lessons after work or lessons during the day on weekends.

After completing my private pilot license I am looking forward to flying many more hours at KPNE with Legacy. If you are considering flight training, I encourage you to take an introductory flight at Legacy Aviation.

Matt Fieger

I went for my Private Pilot license about 20 years ago and didn’t quite make it. This past February I went to Legacy Aviation at the Northeast Airport in Philadelphia, Pa. and asked if I could rent a plane with an Instructor and get back into flying again. I was referred to the Chief Pilot Joseph Montone who I have been flying with ever since.

The entire process from scheduling a flight at the front desk with Paula, Kwijah or Michael, who are always ready with dispatching the aircraft I will be flying to the classroom work and actual flying the aircraft makes the aviation experience very professional and FUN. The planes we fly are kept to current maintenance and safety standards plus clean inside and out and comfortable to fly.

My experience with Captain Joe Montone (Side Note I am 67 years young and may not be the easiest “student” to deal with) has been extremely FUN. Joe keeps it challenging and professional education and exciting with his calm cool “No Sweat” demeanor.

I look forward to logging on many hours of flight time and FUN with Captain Joe Montone and the entire crew at Legacy Aviation. Happy Flying!

Rich Hamilton

On July 20, 2017 I finished my private pilot license at Legacy Aviation. The staff at Legacy are very welcoming and made me feel at home every time I walked in. Chief Pilot Joe Montone is professional, and all about safety. Those two things are the most important characteristics of a leader. The fleet is well maintained, and if we have any problems with our aircraft, the maintenance department is right on it. I’ve visited different flight schools in the past and none of them have made me feel as relaxed and at home. My CFI’s Adriano Maestri and Phillip Niess guided me through my training and made me the pilot I am today. My experience at Legacy Aviation was a great one, and I hope whoever reads this will experience the same!

Anthony Scott

My instructor, Patrick Jackson, was extremely professional and thorough and made me feel like I was in good hands. He is also friendly, which made lessons very enjoyable. The school’s flexibility and wide aircraft availability ensured I could make quick progress.

Mark Arpels Amez-Droz

This is due in large part to the help I received from the folks at Legacy Aviation, especially Chief Flight Instructor Joe Montone.

I started flight school in 2014 at Hortman Aviation but the school had to close due to the owner’s passing away. So I followed my instructor to another flight school, about a 45 minute ride away, and after some time there I became aware that Legacy Aviation had opened a Flight school at North East Philadelphia Airport. Since this is a short commute I called and asked for an interview with Joe and told him my situation.

The interview with Joe Montone was very positive and he agreed to take me on as a student. That was in December of 2016 and at the time I thought I might be ready to take the oral exam and final checkride for a Private Pilot License. We scheduled a lesson to gauge my readiness and found a few gaps. I’ll never forget Joe’s response to these findings, “We can fix this”. I’m thankful he did because I feel it made me a better pilot. All of the fights we did together were dedicated to making sure from a procedural standpoint things were done correctly. These included communications in Class Bravo airspace, emergency procedures, cross wind landings, and navigation to name a few and always with an approach to situational awareness.

So if flight school is something you’ve been thinking about, I can say without reservation consider Legacy Aviation. They have a full range of options at competitive pricing, a competent and friendly staff and a full fleet of airplanes ready to go.

Patrick Jones
Private Pilot

The CFI training I’m receiving at Legacy Aviation has been better than anything I could have expected. My instructor, Joseph Montone has gone out of his way to give me all the knowledge he has attained over the decades of flying.

I appreciate that the flight school holds a higher standard of training for me and the other Legacy students. I feel that I’m being trained to be a role model versus someone there to solely teach a student to fly.

I’m grateful that my instructor is as motivated to see me succeed as I am. My biggest take away from this school is that it bases its own success from the success of their students.

Mark Robinson
Certified Flight Instructor Student

Thanks for keeping me in the loop during the progression of Legacy and its opening! I look forward to being a part of its prosperous future! It was also wonderful to fly 11M again; so nice to have greased the landings!! Great feeling to be back. What a fabulous day Friday was. Good flight, good food, good people. Thanks a million!

Norm Ruetsch

Had an intro flight lesson. Flight instructor was awesome. The whole staff at Legacy was friendly and professional. All around awesome experience!

Anthony Conly
via Facebook

Called and was given lesson next day by head instructor. No rush and very thorough with any questions I had. Onsite office staff was pleasant and helpful. Felt comfortable and well informed when I left. Thanks Joe and everyone for a great experience!

Sean Dalton
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Kind, calm and patient describe my instructor. Patrick was professional and funny kept me calm on my first fixed wing flight

Maurice Wilson
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